GTA 5 Online How To Get Red Joggers After Patch 1.42

Do you really need which actually works, so check out our web site and download working mod menu, no time wasting no phony mods.There steps how to get the mod

1. In the download (which is zipped, you should use Win-rar application to unbox) is the .pkg installer with a document known as menu gta 5, Place Each Onto Usb AND Continue on.
Install a .pkg by install packages.
2. Open a installer package.
3. Push x on mod menu.
4. Press X on install.
5. Exit to XMB.
6. Have a nice menu

If you install the menu this installs modded save info to each customer from 0-50,
you may want to install the save info on a user and you’ll have to set up that on each and every brand new user you make,
otherwise some mods do not work properly on-line.

To Set Up The SAVE Info:

1. Place the file from the download known as gta 5 mod onto flash,
2. put the usb into your console,
3. check out save data utility in the games column,
4. press x on usb device,
5. press triangle on the save data then copy,
when it asks you to overwrite choose yes,


Virus Scan:


Generate money inside gta video game you should check this picture bellow


1. Have a friend with a MOC & Work Dispute Mission unlocked send you an invite to this job
*Work Dispute
*Set Difficulty: Easy
*Host Gets Black Joggers with Sports Jacket & Regular Armor
*First Player that joins gets Red Joggers with CEO Vest
*Second/Third Player that joins gets Black Joggers with CEO Vest and Red Joggers with Sports Jacket & Regular Armor (if you know exact order or if it’s random, let us know!)
2. Start Job, all players exit cargo plane on Oppressor, and fly to your apartment entrance
3. Stand in the blue circle at the entrance of your apart, take out a rocket, aim and shoot the floor and blow yourself up
4. When you respawn, go back to the entrance of your apartment and you will now be able to enter and save the outfit in your closet
5. Exit the job through your phone and you will spawn in with your normal freemode outfit, scroll through Interaction Menu or go to closet and select the outfit you saved with the Red Joggers to add additional items and make changes!

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